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Our service concentrates on curtain wall constructions, mainly windows and doors. Service is assured by
experienced service engineers operating in fully equipped mobile service vans that enable to carry-out work on site.

Depending on the repair nature it is possible to ask for an arrival of a larger group of Service engineers.
Our company guarantees the arrival within a short period of time, once defect is announced. We are currently
working on service 24 hours a day putting in operation as our aim is to meet the requirements of our clients
by improving our services.

—     We offer warranty and post warranty service
—     We provide inspection of fire protection equipment, that is carried out in accordance with § 7 of the Act No. 246/2001 Coll.,
         issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic; this inspection being compulsory at least once a year.


The company Nevšímal, a.s. provides services of glass constructions with aluminium profiles.
How to contact us:

Contact person: Roman Pažout:
cell phone: +420 724 788 068
tel.: +420 325 512 090
fax: +420 325 514 002

Before contacting us, it is necessary:
—     to find out the material of the construction
—     to describe the defects
—     to inform us about the date, when it is possible to carry out the inspection or repairs

Repairs Procedure:
—     once the term of repairs is agreed, service engineer will arrive (assuming the defect
         was properly described and the spare parts are in stock)
—     in case the defect was wrongly described or it concerns a large-scale defect, the service
         engineers will make list of the necessary material
—     as soon as we know the date of material delivery, you will be announced the term of repair
—     in case it is a large-scale defect, the price balance of the repair will be made and submitted
         to you

Once the price is agreed, an agreement on defect removal will be drawn up.

The price will be calculated upon the attached price list or will be based on price quotation.

The warranty for movable components of fittings are 6 months, all other repaired constructions
will be treated individually and will be determined before the arrival of the service engineers.

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