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Four meters tall glass with fire resistance? No problem.

Thanks to the architect's glass size requirements we shifted notably possibilities of fire-resistant glasses and facades. We rejected to split the glass into two pieces and got down to a bigger risk with realization of higher costs (almost 20.000 EUR). All story

First we conducted a global survey but we were unable to find a certified glass of such size (1200 x 4000 mm). Luckily, we found a Slovenian company capable to produce such glass technologically. Then we brought together a special development team (Fire-resistant Glass Specialist, Fire-resistant Constructions specialist, Facade Project Manager, Facade Production Manager, Business Director, Building Site Project Manager and of course the architect) to collaborate on the fire-resistance test in Veseli nad Luznici.

We exceeded the required limit of EI 30 since the Glass resisted more than 52 minutes which means the EI 45 fire-resistance! Also because of this great result we were approached for another significant project abroad with 4.500 mm structural glass!
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